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Jun. 18th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

OOC update [Aka: A Tighter Leash]

Due to the high improbability of a log containing this, I am posting a list of beginning orders Madara gives Evil!Itachi upon his return to Sound today, enforcing them with the new and improved seal and its binding of the will.


Itachi is to tell no one about the increased sealing that he was subjected to.

During any future interactions with Otokage!Sasuke, Itachi is to act as a spy for the teen's intentions and movements, and report back to Madara immediately afterwords. He is not allowed to inform Sasuke of this. 

Itachi is to do no harm to anbu!Itachi or uchiha!Rin unless Madara specifically orders it.
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Jun. 14th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[Private to Native!Kisame]

The time has come.

You are to find Itachi in the same place as last time, and take him a few miles south of his chosen training grounds. I will be waiting in a cave; you will know which one when you see it.

Just remember, use any means necessary to subdue him except for a lethal blow.

May. 27th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[Strictly Locked to Evil!Itachi]

Itachi, I have an important mission for you.

You are to track down the older Sasuke and discover if he will be able to fit into my plans in any way (Not necessarily directly, and not necessarily just the stated plan of the destruction of the Senju. You know of the plans of which I speak.), and if so, details on that, and if not, the best way to ensure that he does not cause damage to said plans. Without him realizing that this is for my benefit, obviously. I wish this done as soon as possible while still maintaining the quality of the mission. Report back to me with your findings over the journal; still no face to face contact, we have to keep this illusion  of internal conflict for now.

May. 21st, 2009

Madara Uchiha

(no subject)

Private to Otokage!Sasuke

From all I have gathered there are only two of our clan that are not involved, directly or indirectly, in our plot for the Senju's destruction. Tell me, what of these two, the native Itachi, and the older Sasuke? Would an attempt to bring them into the effort be wasted? And if so, could they be a threat? Once again, if so, how easily would they be dealt with?

Private to Native!Kisame

There is someone I believe you should meet. You can often find him wandering the forests around the Sound Village these days, training or otherwise occupied. You will recognize his chakra when you feel it. This is your next assignment. Find him, but it is unneccesary to tell him that it was under my orders. Your partner will remember you, after all.
Madara Uchiha

Private - Unhackable

I can feel it.

It is palpable, the power and purpose burning through the veins of mine and my kind this time of year, when the air turns humid and torrid, interspersed by torrents of rain from filmy gray skies that only encourage more heat to make up for the drenching. Whether officially or not, summer is here. The peak time for Uchihas. And so I have decided that it is only fitting that my manipulations be more subtle, to allow the fire burning within my little descendants to achieve much of my aims with only a slight push here and there. After all, if there is one thing I have learned from the prideful Uchiha of this world, it is that the beast better follows if it believes it is doing so of its own volition, rather than being led by bit and bridle.

And as for Itachi... my fail safe is now within my grasp. He will be allowed his freedom, for now. But the Harbinger never truly escapes the doom he foretells.

May. 12th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

(no subject)

[Private - Unhackable]
The three sealing scrolls are now in my possession... The techniques contained within them are a failsafe I have desperately needed, especially with all the alterations my plan has been going through recently...

This is excellent. Absolutely delightful.

[Private to Oto!Sasuke]
Rin has been informed of the truth of the Uchihas.

May. 3rd, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

Private to Uchiha!Rin

It is necessary that I speak to you regarding a very important issue that must be dealt with before your training begins in earnest. As soon as is possible, can you leave the children with another person and come to my room?

Apr. 26th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[Private thoughts, so so unhackable]

Things are falling, slowly but surely, into their formerly established places. How my plans come together is simply delightful, but of course expected. One turn after another come upon me, shifting the view and possibilities before me. I dislike making such numerous changes to my plans, but such flexibility, the ability to bend, can save a plot from breaking and crumbling altogether. It is absolutely delightful, some of the revelations that have been made clear to me recently, and it is obvious that if used correctly, I will achieve my goals, if not sooner, then more effectively. This is a much better long-term plan.

I only must tread carefully with Itachi, even more so than ever now... It is like playing with fire, this tempting him with a farce of freedom. But it is necessary.

Apr. 8th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[Strictly Locked to Evil!Itachi]

Itachi, come to our room. We need to speak immediately regarding all the events that have happened recently. I have a plan of how to solve the recent setbacks...

We will not fail in our ambitions, and this will make sure of it.

Mar. 30th, 2009

cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

Private to Anbu!Itachi


I am calling a session in the downstairs training area in 3.5 hours.

Be there, and bring no weapons, as we will be working on Taijutsu.

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