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This war is ours!

From the ashes of battle, he creates his own legend.

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Uchiha Madara

Age: c. 85
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. However, he refuses to even acknowledge most people that way, only paying attention to one who is intelligent and powerful to get his interest.
IC, AU or OC: AU
Preferred Log Tag: Evil!Madara
Current Affiliation: Akatsuki, but his original village was Konoha.

Physical Description: Madara stands at a sturdy, average height, and due to his genetics, is slighter than average. He carries himself with the almost slinking gait of a person that is used to sneaking through the night. His matte-black hair is spiky, and drops to about his shoulders. His skin is the normal pale shade for an Uchiha, and he has an odd blemish under his eyes. The outfit he wears is designed specifically for battle. It consists of a black shirt and pants, both breathable and loose enough that they won’t hinder his movements. The pants have built in pockets sized to hold kunai and shuriken holsters, in which he keeps his smaller weapons. His footwear is a modified pair of ninja sandals, with the toes covered and a thin but sturdy strip of metal welded to the toe of each shoe. In addition, Madara wears an ANBU-like chest plate that also covers his shoulders with sheets of metal. When disguised as Tobi, he wears a standard Akatsuki cloak over this ensemble, and an orange mask with only one eyehole and a swirl on it. His main weapon is a rather unique one. It’s base is a metal staff, which in turn has two solid metal circular frames welded to each end. Each frame is inscribed with the Uchiha symbol.

Personality: Madara is a very patient man, who is willing to wait a long time simply to achieve his goals. His mood is generally very stable, and thus he is not ruffled easily. Some things do amuse him, though, unlike some Uchihas. His sense of humor is tinged with sadism. If you get him angry, you will not likely see it. His smiles are deceptive, and he has one to get himself out of any situation he doesn’t want to be in, or convince people that they should listen to him.

Background: When Uchiha Madara was born, his eyes bled. Uchiha’s eyes being as important as they are, his parents took this to be a bad sign and took him to the clan elders for advice. The elders had someone watch over the child until he, at only 6 months old, began to walk. Madara was proclaimed a prodigy because of this, and the bleeding eyes were forgotten.

Madara grew up about as spoiled as a child in a militant clan could be, but more because of his increasing ability to manipulate others to give him exactly what he wants, sometimes without them even noticing it, rather than anything his parents deliberately did.

At the time his brother, Izuna, was born, Madara was being schooled in the ninja arts. The eldest brother took to his training quickly, only having persistent trouble with sealing techniques and stamina. As the brothers grow up, they become rivals, one always trying to outdo the other. Despite, or perhaps because of this, the two are almost equal in power.

When he turned eleven years old, Madara began to notice that the ability of his eyes was fading. He, naturally, hid this from his clan, even at that age having a very good idea as to how worthless an Uchiha without eyes would be seen as. Madara searched for a medic who would diagnose what was wrong with him without telling his family about it. His search took almost five years, allowing for time for his eyes to almost completely deteriorate, and when he finally had found them, the medic examined him and told him that the ocular defect was due to a problem with his chakra pathways. His pathways are stretched, and for some reason extend too far into his skull. According to the medic, he is lucky, for if he wasn’t an Uchiha, the chakra, instead of clogging up the neural pathways behind his eyes, would have gone straight into his brain and likely killed him.

Madara left the medic with this knowledge, and that fact that unless the Uchiha have a cure, there is none. For another year, in between battles, he searches for anything that would help. At age seventeen, he finds it. The secret of the Mangekyo. Almost blind, and more than a bit desperate, Madara does not hesitate to kill his best friend. Shortly after, Izuna finds out about this, and, one thing leading to another, decides he wants this power as well.

The two brothers, newly endowed with their twin Mangekyos, take control of the Uchiha and together lead them in battle for about five years, when Madara’s eyes begin to fade again. Enraged, and certainly not willing to lose his eyes after so nearly losing them before, he takes his brother’s eyes, not a minute before he issues a plea for forgiveness.

With the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Madara leads the Uchiha against their rival, the Senju, time and time again.

Eventually, the Senju offers a truce, and the idea that the two clans should do something unheard of at the time: form a village specifically for ninja. Madara opposes the idea, stating the if they make peace now, the Uchiha would have suffered losses in battle for nothing. But he eventually concedes, as an overwhelming majority of the Uchiha’s want this truce.

Everything seems to go well during the founding of the village, but when the first Hokage is chosen, and it is a Senju, Madara declares that they are trying to stomp the Uchiha out, and wants to pull out of the deal. The other Uchiha will not have this, however, and denounce the man as a warmonger. Bitter at the betrayal of his own clan, Madara leaves the village, plotting revenge.

Sometime later, he returns, bringing with him an incredibly destructive force, the Kyuubi. He battles the first Hokage, Hashirama, and loses due to the Senju’s ability to control bijuu. Seemingly killed at the end of the battle, Madara lives on, thanks to the potency of his chakra.

Time passes, and Madara manages his way into not only the position of Mizukage, but he founds a secret organization, the Akatsuki. He gives the formal leadership to a man who calls himself Pain, and hides his true identity under the mask of Tobi. He was waiting for a chance to strike again, when Itachi petitions him to participate in the massacre. Ever since then, he has been waiting, knowing that with a bit of patience, that either Itachi or Sasuke will provide the necessary advantage for him to complete his mission.

Ninja Information
Official Rank/Special Rank: Missing-nin; S-Rank
Chakra Elemental Affinity: Fire and Water.
Does your character favor a weapon and/or fighting style? His standard style is to start a match at mid to long range, scoping out the opponent with kunai and ninjutsu. When the time is right, he quickly moves in, using his Sharingan, his weapon, or taijutsu in a decisive strike to end the match.
Does your character specialize in any of the following: Ninjutsu (hand seals) and Genjutsu (Illusionary)
Bloodline/Clan: Madara possesses the Sharingan, which is the blood inheritance of the Uchiha Clan, and the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. The Sharingan gives him the ability to read an attack and defeat it, and to copy hand seals immediately. Another of it’s abilities is to hypnotize through mere eye contact with their enemy. The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is an advanced form of the Mangekyo, a Sharingan gained by killing one’s closest friend, which is the advanced form of the Sharingan itself. The Sharingan, coupled with the unbelievable strength of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, give Madara the ability to tame the Kyuubi. The Mangekyo Sharingan has three bloodline techniques associated with it. These are Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo. Tsukuyomi is an extreme Genjutsu technique in which the user has complete control over the time and situation of the jutsu, making it a supposedly unbreakable technique. Amaterasu is black fire that burns, no matter what, for 7 days and nights. The Susanoo is a technique that creates or summons an apparition with a sword and shield.

Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts): 5 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand): 3
Genjutsu (Illusions): 5 Intelligence: 5
Force (Power): 4 Speed: 4
Stamina (Chakra Amount): 4.5 Seals: 3.5