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cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[Dated January 1st. Private. And oh so unhackable.]

I awoke to the starlit sky stretched above me, frost-dusted grass beneath my back. The cold, fresh air was strangely invigorating, and I stretched, staring upwards.

White on black-- secretive stars.
Its contrast, black on white... heralded treacherous eyes.

The eyes flashed through my vision and mine took on the same shape and color, supercharging the field with energy.


I stilled, stretched out my senses until I felt the foreign chakras that lapped together in the surrounding forest, massing together in what was undoubtedly preparation for battle.

My white teeth flashed in a grin and then I was in their midst. My Sharingan pinned them into place-- a half dozen weaklings that call themselves missing-nin cursing at me, the invader, as grasped steel and prepared the defend 'their territory'. I examine their bronzed complexion, their nervously flashing eyes. It is obvious, even without the headbands to tell me: they are unused to the forest, they are not from around here.

That meant they would not be recognized.

In the split second left before they move, I speak. "Konoha." They freeze, wondering. I move to stare into their eyes, one after another, with spinning, hypnotizing Sharingan. "You should all disguise yourselves and go there. I need information on their defenses, inhabitants and communications. You will be greatly rewarded in return."

Between my powerful Sharingan and my persuasive words in the conversation that followed, they agreed to gather information for me in return for a small, uninhabited island just off of the coast, where they would be safe from hunter-nin. I am familiar with the land, and it is unused, so mine to give.

They leave after receiving further instructions to take their places in the village. I breath in deeply, pleased that a plan is already in motion. I have had much time to think about them, and my mind teems with options and ideas for taking back what is mine. I turn.

There is much work to be done.