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cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery


[Private, to Oto!Sasuke]

I have an errand to run, and will be leaving the base for a time.

[Private, to Native!Pain]

I have some orders to deliver to you, but this is important and must be done in a more secure fashion. I will be at the headquarters in Rain in a few days. I expect you to be there.


Private to Madara

Hn. Is it regarding anything we have discussed?

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Re: Private to Madara

To a degree. I am organizing the Akatsuki to feel out this new Konoha's defenses.

Re: Private to Madara

Ah, good. Keep me informed, as I am interested as well of the full capabilities of the village.

Also, have you met Sasuke since he came back to Otogakure with me? Unlike my older twin, he is very willing to assist us in our plans.

Re: Private to Madara

Of course, mutual gain of information is a significant point to this.

I have not, but considering what you have said, I will pay him a visit upon my return.