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cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery

[OOC -- Plot idea and invitations for involvement]

Who: Akatsuki members and Konoha-nin who fight back.
What: A limited attack on Konoha, ordered by Madara.
Where: ....Konoha. In and right outside of the village walls.
When: Exact date to be determined. Suggestions welcomed.
Why: To test the entirety of the Uchiha clan's responses and loyalty to him versus the village, and to test just how much control he has now over Evil!Itachi, Madara stages this attack.

Who all is interested in being involved in this plot idea? There is a lot of potential for many characters to be involved in this one, and any and all are welcome.
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Lol, you know I'm in. >=)
Excellent. =D Do you have any suggestions for a date for this to occur?
I would say maybe after people get back from vacations? or some of the stuff could start here this next week or so and then since it's so big more stuff later...somehow break it up?
I'm on a hiatus, obviously my chars are out. I don't see what is so harsh about that.
You know that Kisame and Kakuzu will be in on it, one hundred percent ^___^ <3 They've been itching for a bit more action lately (esp. Kakuzu xP)
And as for ideas (Lol ^^;; ) I wanna go canon!!! If this happens, Kakuzu calls Ino and Kakashi!!!!!!! O.o and maybe a Kisame Iruka rematch ^____^ That'd be neat <3 If Sayomi doesn't have a problem with it ^^
Ino is up for it :)
Heh, that's what I'm talking about ^____________^
No way. Kakuzu's soooo gonna wipe the floor with Kakashi. >=) Get prepared for teh brutality!!!
Excellent. Do you have any suggestions for a date for this to occur?
Excellent. Do you have any suggestions for a date for this to occur?
Just when people get back from vacation and hiatus and all that. I'm always available (and very bored) so it'll be a good thing for my chars to be able to let off some steam by abusing Konoha ninja ^_^ <3 Kisame, especially (he's so twitchy right now @_@ )
I'm game!
XD You're on!!! <3
Hah! This time, Iruka will be ready for him! XP
Excellent. Do you have any suggestions for a date for this to occur?
Sure why not.
Excellent. =) Do you have any suggestions for a date for this to occur?
Well after July at least that way those of us who are away would be here. I don't have any solid ideas yet but I'd like for Tenzou to at least have Sakura around and for Iruka to not be so skill-less by then.

If the majority however would like earlier, that's fine. Either works really.

Plot question

So - are we using the idea of them being sent in to do a hit on SEBU Izumo, but either kill or nearly kill, the native Izumo instead for this attack? Or did you guys want to use a different premise for it?

Re: Plot question

I am not sure, but I believe this is a different premise.

Re: Plot question

I would say we could plan it for mid-July, since we have several people on Hiatus and the 4th of July holiday coming up. And we could set it as an open post, maybe with Madara setting the scene? That way we don't have 20 people trying to edit one doc, and we can have the individual battles as mini-threads within the threads by the fighters replying back and forth.

If I'm not mistaken we were discussing the Akatsuki attack for around the 24th, so Madara could even decide to use the mild chaos and rebuilding to follow as the reason for his timing to test the Uchiha. Watcha think? Good/bad?

Re: Plot question

On both counts, good. (Sorry for the short reply. =) )

Re: Plot question

*grins* glad you like then! *points to self* Loves to plot!

Re: Plot question

That's actually what I was thinking. It's a good idea. Especially with what I think Im'ma make Kakuzu do. (Should send a good message >=) )