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regret, look back

Ironic, how the therapeutic things are what I do not indulge in often. That says something about me, I am sure.

The trouble is, to stay on task I must concentrate, more than ever now. No more of this. I must focus. The time is coming.


Um thank you Tobi-san for taking me for the night out I appreciated it.
Not too worry.

( OOC: She still gets nervous just talking to him lol )

I didn't take you for one who was easily distracted.

Private to Sasuke

You should know better than to take things said in public seriously. The masks we wear, after all, often save us as shinobi.

Private to Madara

Ah, the old man discovered viagra?
Hn? Oh, it was jealousy that I heard. Perfectly natural.
Not at all. I get plenty of 'therapeutic' indulgences.

How pleasing it is to see more Uchiha here..