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face the wind

Seeing the light again after so long is a relief, to step out into the sun and stretch these 'old' muscles a pleasure.

The newest jutsu's progress is all but complete, yet there is still no one to test it on. Itachi has long since been gone and the rest of the Akatsuki on far-reaching missions. I cannot contact them at this time... tch.


... Madara?

How are you faring?
Fine, but I'm hardly amused.
Oh? And what has you in such a foul mood? More than normal, that is.
Finding myself in Fire Country when I arrived.


That does tend to have that effect. You could always leave.


...Arrived? Where from?
I've been gathering information, naturally.

Where else? Thunder Country. I was in the middle of fighting Hachibi when I found myself here.


I see. And just who have you been gathering information from...

I do believe we need to discuss this somewhere more private. Meet me on the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Rice.


Those who are willing to answer.

...Very well.